Stacked Series - Rear Kick GR810


Fully Assembled : +$300.00
*This item is available to ship fully assembled. Please make sure the entrance of the room exceeds the dimensions of the assembled machine listed below.
Dimension : 49″X52″X64″

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Moisture Resistance Upholstery

Rolled Steel Oval Tubing

Ultra-Stainless-Steel Fastener

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The stacked series Rear Kick is the ultimate glute blasting machine. This plate-loaded machine allows you to stack hundreds of pounds of Olympic weights to blast your glutes.

Rear Kick Features

Urethane covered handles for stability

Equipped with urethane covered handles for ultimate stability and abrasion resistance

Contoured cushions utilize a molded foam for superior comfort and durability

For superior comfort and durability, this machine utilizes contoured cushions made with molded foam

Large non-slip foot plate

Our rear kick includes a non-slip foot plate, allowing users to stay balanced and steady rather than worrying about injury.


  • Dimensions : 49″X52″X64″
  • Weight : 287lbs




BodyKore Stacked Series Rear Kick - Model GR810
BodyKore GR810 Rear Kick - Installation Video

Manuals/Data Sheets



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