Stacked Series- Plate Loaded Incline Chest Press - GR804


Fully Assembled : +$300.00
*This item is available to ship fully assembled. Please make sure the entrance of the room exceeds the dimensions of the assembled machine listed below.
Dimension : 44″X74″X66″

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Moisture Resistance Upholstery

Rolled Steel Oval Tubing

Ultra-Stainless-Steel Fastener

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The BodyKore Stacked Series GR804 Incline Press targets muscles in the chest with a comfortable and customizable chest press workout. Quickly add weights to the nickel-plated weight tubes and the precision pivot bearings will ensure each rep is smooth and natural. Padded, ergonomic chair back design and an adjustable padded seat provide a comfortable workout.

The Plate Loaded Incline Chest Press provides high quality with a simple design to enhance the user workout and ensure a worry-free, heavy-duty, product for your gym space. Easy to use, with a clean appearance, all while offering a smooth natural feel. Natural feel of free weights in a guided press. Oversized pivot point for smooth lift and long-lasting durability. The quick and easy adjustment points and ergonomic handles this machine is a great addition to any home or commercial gym.

Incline Chest Press Features

Heavy Duty Foam Grips

High-density foam grips are a durable urethane composite that provide a comfortable, secure grip throughout every set.

Commercial Rated Precision Pivot Bearings

Every rep is smooth and natural so the only resistance you feel are the weights, not the machine.

Nickel-Plated Weight Plate Storage Bars

The durable steel storage bars are nickel-plated to withstand corrosion, rust and heavy use.


  • Dimensions : 44″X74″X66″



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