Elite Series - Hack Squat - CF2175


Fully Assembled : +$300.00
*This item is available to ship fully assembled. Please make sure the entrance of the room exceeds the dimensions of the assembled machine listed below.
Dimension : 64″X80″X55″

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Linear Bearing Guide Rods

Moisture Resistance Upholstery

Rolled Steel Oval Tubing

Ultra-Stainless-Steel Fastener

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The Elite Series Hack Squat combines elegant aesthetics with a robust, heavy-duty frame. The 45-degree angle allows users to add a massive load to the weight load, while the dual safety spotting points give the machine extra safety. The carriage sits on a 50m guide rods with a full line of linear bearings for maximum smoothness and comfort.

Hack Squat Features

Extra Wide Foot Plate

The Hack Squat’s Extra-Wide Foot Plate is perfect for keeping yourself steady while using the machine. Made of rubber and outfitted with grip groove, the foot plate is an integral piece of the machine’s foundation.

Super-smooth movement up and down the carriage

The smooth motion of the machine carriage allows for a fluid, safe workout experience.

Guided motion and safety locking points eliminate the need for a spotter.

With the guided motion & safety locking points, a spotter isn’t necessary for your heavier workouts. Thanks to this feature, training solo has never been easier.


  • Dimensions : 64″X80″X55″
  • Weight : 470lbs
  • Frame Color : Silver




BodyKore CF2175 Hack Squat - Installation Video
BodyKore Elite Series 45 Degree Hack Squat- Model CF2175


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