Isolateral Leg Press FL1801



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Dimension : 2.21m X 1.6m X 1.83m
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Build your calves and thighs with the FL1801 Isolateral Leg Press machine. A grip plate prevents slippage during your workout. The Plate-Loaded Isolateral Leg Press is designed to be easy to use and have a smooth linear leg press motion. It also employs a flip-in, flip-out mechanism to aid exercisers in use. Built to eliminate stress on ankles, this leg press offers consistent resistance through a full range of motion. Work on your glutes, thighs and hamstrings with the help of the pivoting press plate. 

Heavy-duty, bilateral/unilateral leg press machine suited for athletes of any size and experience level, with 4 weight pegs offering a total load capacity of up to 2,475 LBS. A pop-pin adjustable lumbar seat and adjustable spring safety stops are also part of this innovative design, along with a multi-angle diamond-tread foot deck, linear ball bearings for smooth action, and four bolt-on stainless steel posts for additional plate storage. the 700LB Iso Leg Press 35 delivers more than 60% of true weight in average resistance and allowing for concentrated double and single leg exercises. Each unit is constructed from quality steel with a Texture Black Powder Coat finish on the weight peg assembly, spring stops, locking handles, and foot deck (for added grip/traction). The rest of the main frame—and the storage post mounting plates—feature a Medium Gloss Black finish. 

Isolateral Leg Press Features

7 position adjustable Lumbar Seat

7 position adjustable Lumbar Seat

Two Angle Foot Plates

Two Angle Foot Plates

Band pegs for support and resistance

Band pegs for support and resistance


  • Dimensions : 2.21m X 1.6m X 1.83m
  • Weight : 783lbs
  • Frame Color : Black
  • Platform Size : 20.47 X 16.46




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