Isolation Series - Pectoral/Fly - GR633


Fully Assembled : +$300.00
*This item is available to ship fully assembled. Please make sure the entrance of the room exceeds the dimensions of the assembled machine listed below.
Dimension : 57″X56″X77″

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Industrial Galvanized Steel Cables

Moisture Resistance Upholstery

Rolled Steel Oval Tubing

Streamlined Adjustable Pulley System

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Our BodyKore Isolation Series – Selectorized Pectoral Fly/Back Extension comes available with 220lb weight stack. With this machine you can target traps & pecs with commercial grade quality, in the comfort of your own home. Unlike free weight exercises, Isolation establishes concrete mechanics when performing a given exercise.

Pectoral/Fly Features

Extra-long 360-degree rotating handles self-adjust to the user's path of motion for both pec and rear delt exercises

Independent arms with 6 adjustable starting positions for pec fly movement enable users with greater range of motion as well as both unilateral and bilateral arm movements

8 position seat adjustment puts users of any size in proper position


  • Dimensions : 57″X56″X77″
  • Weight : 465lbs




BodyKore Isolation Series Pectoral Fly/Back Extension - Model GR633
BodyKore GR633 Pectoral Fly/Back Extension - Installation video


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