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Upgrade your select weight stacks economically and easier with BodyKore’s innovative Olympic plates weight extender pin. This allows serious lifters to add more weight to their equipment and take their training to the next level! Max out the stack, insert your BodyKore weight extender pin and begin adding plates. Designed to be used with 2-inch Olympic plates and a universal fit for all pin loaded machines, you should have no problems adding weight to your chosen machine.


  • Designed to allow additional weight plates to be added to the weight stack

  • Designed to be used with 2″ Olympic plates that have a 2″ (50.8mm) hole in the middle

  • Pin portion is made from solid steel that is case hardened for extra durability

  • Pin can accommodate up to two 45lb Olympic weight plate

  • Universal fit for all pin loaded machines


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EZ Curl Bar


Elite Series- CF2172- Calf Raise


Lunge Rack G255


Standing T-Bar Row CF2173


Stretch Bench G209


Garage Gym Package

was $5280.00


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5-100lb Dumbbell Rack G243


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