Stacked Series- Plate Loaded Shoulder Press - GR803


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Dimension : 55″X59″X58″

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Moisture Resistance Upholstery

Rolled Steel Oval Tubing

Ultra-Stainless-Steel Fastener

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The GR803 Shoulder Press Plate Loaded Series combines quality and value in a simple, easy-to-use strength line designed to accommodate users of any fitness or experience level and deliver measurable and targeted results. By combining key ergonomic factors, such as independent movement arms, diverging/converging motion paths, and adjustable seat positions, this shoulder press machine is able to provide a functional unit that is not only built to last, but built to meet the workout needs of its users.

The GR803 Shoulder Press is a commercial plate loaded strength machine for upper body training featuring overhead press arms with independent movement and natural path of motion designed for performing seated military shoulder presses for strengthening the muscles of arms, shoulders, and shoulder blades. Oversized handles make pressing exercises more comfortable by spreading the load over a larger area of the user’s hands. This machine features either a pronated grip (arms to side of shoulders with palms facing away from face) or neutral grip (close grip with palms facing each other). The easy seat adjustment means a broad range of user heights can be accommodated. The welded heavy-duty steel frame with quality electrostatic powder coating ensures the finish is resistant to scratches and dings for a long-term beautiful finish. Heavy-duty vinyl cushions are comfortable durable and handles are provided with high-quality foam material. Rubber non-skid feet cover base frame supports to avoid sliding of machine or scratching of floors, ensuring greater stability during exercise.

Plate Loaded Shoulder Press Features

Frame: 11-gauge steel, 2" x 4" oval tubing

Built with 11-gauge steel and 2” x 4” oval tubing, this machine has a sturdy and long-lasting foundation.

Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish to ensure maximum adhesion and durability

Made with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish, our shoulder press is extremely durable.

Industrial rated bearings, sealed bearings at all pivot points

For better protection and performance, our shoulder press comes with industrially rated sealed bearings at all pivot points.


  • Dimensions : 55″X59″X58″
  • Weight : 331lbs



BodyKore GR803 Shoulder Press - Installation Video
BodyKore Stacked Series Shoulder Press - Model GR803


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