Super Squat FL1806


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Dimension : 2.032m X 1.35m X 1.25m
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The FL1806 Super Squat is perfect for body building, conditioning, and rehab exercises. Features a protection hook to help assist with beginning and ending each set, squat safely without the need for a spotter. Contoured shoulder pad, backrest pad, rubber foot pad for superior comfort. The four easily accessible weight horns provide quick changes between reps, for more effective and powerful workouts. 

The Plate-Loaded Super Squat is designed to have a natural squatting motion, while reducing back and knee strain through a curved arc of motion. It also employs a standard counterbalance for lower starting resistance. 

The Super Squat is an exercise machine exercise that primarily targets the quads and to a lesser degree also targets the glutes and hamstrings. 


Super Squat Features

Angled pads allow for 3 different squat positions

Multiple durable urethane composite hand grip positions to hold during use

Large footplate for isolating different leg and glute muscles


  • Dimensions : 2.032m X 1.35m X 1.25m
  • Weight : 357lbs
  • Frame Color : Black




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