Lateral Raise GR605


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Dimension : 50"x46"x65"
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Our GR605 Lateral Raise is a commercial pin loaded deltoid raise machine made for club use. The sleek futuristic design comes in black or silver. With this machine, you can target your deltoids with commercial-grade quality. This lateral raise offers smooth motion with 220lb weight stacks. The 6-point seat adjustment fits users of all sizes.

Dual Axis Movements provides multi-planar resistance and user defined convergence, combining the Shoulder Press and Deltoid Fly movements into one natural pressing motion for a more effective pectoral contraction


  • Six adjustable starting positions

  • Dual Axis movement

  • 220 LBS standard- upgradeable to 340lbs

  • Adjustable seat heights



Ergonomic padding for comfort and support

Ergonomic padding for comfort and support

Adjustable seat for optimal starting position

Adjustable seat for optimal starting position

Dual Axis movement for isolated movements

Dual Axis movement for isolated movements


  • Dimensions : 50"x46"x65"
  • Weight : 680lbs
  • Footprint : 16sqft
  • Frame : Rolled Steel Oval Tubing
  • Frame Color : Black or Silver
  • Weight Stack : 220lbs
  • # of Adjustable Height Positions : 5
  • Body Group Target : Deltoids, Trapezoids
  • # of Workouts : 2
  • Assembly Time : 2 Hours


GR605 Lateral Raise Installation
GR605 Lateral Raise

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