Isolation Series - Selectorized Low Pull - GR616


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Precision Cut Selectorized Weight Stack

Industrial Galvanized Steel Cables

Moisture Resistance Upholstery

Rolled Steel Oval Tubing

Streamlined Adjustable Pulley System

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The Selectorized Seated Low Pull–from the BodyKore Isolation Series–is the perfect add-on to your complete home gym or garage gym setup. It comes outfitted with 220lb weight stack. The machine is great for building the lats and back by doing the seated row exercise. With fluid machinery and easily adjustable for any user’s needs, the Selectorized Seated Low Pull is fully in accordance with the human body’s mechanics.

Selectorized Low Pull Features

Frame made with 3.5” oval rolled steel tubing – rated over 1000lbs

Non-slip foot plates provide greater stability during exercise

Long heavy-duty marine grade cushions


  • Dimensions : 43″X70″X73″
  • Weight : 425lbs



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