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Dynamic Trainer- MX1161EX

Dynamic Trainer- MX1161EX


Dual Adjustable Pulley System- Functional Trainer- MX1161

Dual Adjustable Pulley System...


Universal trainer MX1162

Universal trainer MX1162


Universal Trainer Jammer Arms MX1171

Universal Trainer Jammer Arms...


Universal Trainer Low Row Footplate MX1192

Universal Trainer Low Row Foo...


Universal Storage Rack MX1191

Universal Storage Rack MX1191...



Universal Trainer Machines 

Introducing the Universal Trainer for full body workout – the ultimate fitness machine designed to provide you with a complete workout experience like no other! Whether you're looking to build muscle, burn fat, or improve your overall fitness, the Universal Trainer has everything you need to get the results you want. Compare all the trainers and select the best machine that is perfect for your dream home gym plan.

Shop Universal Trainer Kit & Machines Online

The Dynamic Trainer-MX1161EX is a multi-purpose universal trainer that comes with free weights and accessories like ropes and bars for tricep and lat workout along with adjustable pull-up bars. The affordable MX1161 functional trainer is like the dynamic trainer and is more suitable for home gym set-up. The premium MX1162 is bigger and better that comes with extra features like bar storage, half rack function and smith machine. But if you are looking for a machine that only focuses on shoulders, arms and chest, G502 cable crossover from alliance series is the go to option. 

Buy Universal Trainers in Installments

Our universal trainers price start from $3700 to $6499. However, you can also buy these trainers on installments. You do not have to check your credit card balance to purchase our machines. You can now get your dream machine in installments by just paying a few hundred USDs per month. You can get a MX1161 functional trainer for as low as $119.38 per month. Moreover, the  premium MX1162 universal trainer can be yours by just paying $209.68 per month. So, why wait? Hit that add to cart button and place the order.

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