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Full Linx Rack System - VFCR1702B

Full Linx Rack System - VFCR1...


Storage Rack - VFCR1701D

Storage Rack - VFCR1701D


Cable Cross - VFCR1701C

Cable Cross - VFCR1701C


Smith Machine - VFCR1701B

Smith Machine - VFCR1701B


Linx Rack- Single Bay VFCR1701A

Linx Rack- Single Bay VFCR170...



Linx Rack for Home & Commercial Gyms

Are you trying to train harder and more competently in your fitness routine?  Linx rack is the power rack, a heavy-duty piece of equipment used for strength training. Get ready to build the desired physique with our top-quality Linx rack. 

Shop Linx Rack & Invest in Long-term Gains 

Single Bay VF CR1701A consists of two base storage units with mountain channels for height adjustments, an extended overhanging pull-up bar, and the chance to anchor to the walls or floor. Cable Cross over targets the chest, shoulder, and core muscles. The entire Linx rack system VFCR1702B has various station attachments, ideal for functional training that simultaneously targets multiple major muscle groups. The modular design of the Linx rack can expand and customize as the requirement of your fitness goals. 

Buy Linx Rack at a Reasonable Price 

VFCR1701A starts from $1800, Cable crossover begins from $4400, and VFCR1702B starts from $8000. However, the monthly installment is $58.08, $141.96, and $258.10.respectively. Our Linx rack system is made of high-quality steel that can be easily assembled and disassembled, which is a convenient option for a gym owner to save space. So why wait to grab these beasts in your gym collection?

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