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The BodyKore Linx Rack is a full modular system, carefully engineered to create training zones for groups of members to train simultaneously. It is constructed with storage racks, smith machine, and cable crossover to accommodate numerous types of exercises. With a variety of station attachments, the Linx Rack is ideal for functional training. Functional training targets multiple major muscle groups simultaneously and mimics movements that you perform in day-to-day activities.

Linx Rack appeals to a wide range of performance possibilities in a safe and space efficient manner. Linx Rack was designed for cross training, group fitness, and individual training. Linx Racks create an open environment perfect for class interaction. It’s aesthetic appeal along and modern design create an inviting environment for its user.


  • High-grade stainless-steel hardware

    The Linx Rack uses high-grade stainless-steel hardware with polished bolts and nuts.

  • Electrostatic Powder Coating

    To ensure maximum adhesion and durability, the frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish.

  • 16 Adjustable Points

    16 adjustable mounting points offer users easy adjustment to however high or low you prefer.

  • Extended overhanging pull-up bar

    An extended overhanging pull-up bar gives the storage rack an added bodyweight training function.

  • Customizable headpiece

    Each station can be customized with your company’s logo on the headpiece.

  • Floor or wall mounted

    The Linx Rack can be floor mounted or wall mounted for the user’s preference.

  • 2x 200lb weight stacks

    The cable cross comes with two 200lb weight stacks, allowing users to select the weight most comfortable to them.


Full Linx Rack System Features

High-grade stainless-steel hardware

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Extended overhanging pull-up bar


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