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Dimension : 50″X21″X36″

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Our Free Weight Package is great for anyone looking to start building their home or garage gym space. This package is also ideal for users who do not have much space to allocate to their fitness area. Included in this package is the 5-50lb rubber hex dumbbells on our commercial 52”x20”x35” G241 3 tier dumbbell rack. The rack and bench can easily fit in the corner of a room, the side of a garage, or on a backyard patio, making it one of our most versatile packages for even the smallest spaces. The 5-50lb dumbbells provide a wide range of weights to work with, and the adjustable bench allows for countless exercises, including chest & shoulder presses, lat rows, triceps extensions, dumbbell bench presses, ab workouts, and step-up lunges, among others. The size of this equipment allows it to fit in diverse room types while also helping you achieve rewarding exercises. The space needed for this package is approximately 6’x6’ or 36sqft.

5-50lb Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set Features

Heavy-duty, durable 11-gauge steel for long-lasting performance

Holds 1 pair each for 5-50 lb. dumbbells

Angled design for easy access to each row

G206 Adjustable Bench Features

6 adjustment angles

Easy moving

Bench has wheels and a handle for easy moving

Ergonomic Seat

Seat and back pad made for comfort


  • Dimensions : 50″X21″X36″
  • Weight : 95lbs


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Heavy duty bench with strong bolts and hardware - it will not give out on you. Weights had a strong rubber smell but it dissipates with time. Good gear!

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Jim B.


High Quality

These are some of the best dumbbells I have ever used. They are really high quality and very comfortable. They are very stable and balanced so they inspire you to push harder without fear or dropping the weights and causing injury. Great product!

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Free weight package

Awesome package! Dumbbells w/ rack PLUS a pro rate bench?! Yes! Everything is made professionally. The dumbbells are pro grade, the rack is solid, not shabby (zero worries on balance and weight supports), the bench is fully adjustable, both incline and decline positions. Honestly, the bench is a whole other review. It’s perfect. It comes well packaged on two pallets that gets dropped off at your driveway (driver got them into my garage for me), and with multiple options of easy finance. Mix all this with great customer service and it’s a win win situation. I highly recommend BodyKore for pros as well as those looking for a simple home gym. A+!

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Lawrence J.


Great Product / Great People

No issues. I great product. Was satisfied with the equipment. Leo and his team are professional and have great communication with the customers. Thanks Leo. Thanks Angela.

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