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Featured News

Happy Training 2019

Welcoming in 2019 with our full arsenal of Fitness Equipment for 15% off! Use coupon code BKNEWYEAR2019  for the special. Offer expires 01/31/2019

Bodykore’s Isolation Series GR632 Voted Top Hip Abduction Machine on Wiki!

BodyKore’s Isolation Series GR632 has recently been voted Top Hip Abduction machine on Wiki!  You can see the post here. 1. Bodykore Isolation Series GR632 The various steel components of the Bodykore Isolation Series GR632 are laser cut to help ensure that they fit together well when it comes time for you to assemble them. That […]

BodyKore’s N-DESTRUCTIBLE Crumb Bumper Plates

  Made of recycled material, crumb rubber weights are one of the toughest training weights available! In the combination of strength and price, crumb rubber has no equal competitors. We offer many sets to choose from! Why Recycled Crumb Rubber? Less impact to the floor than steel plates Quieter than steel plates Less Odor than […]

The Posturenomic Board

Posturenomic Board: What Is It? The Posturenomic Board is a portable stretching device that you can fold up and bring anywhere. The Posturenomic Board uses a flat, adjustable stretching platform that can be stationed at different angles. This creates a perfect stretch with a smooth transition into the next movement. The Posturenomic Board is used […]